What year did they stop using asbestos amiante in French building construction?

Asbestos in French Properties

Asbestos is a microscopic mineral fiber used in buildings to insulate and to resist fire. Asbestos called ‘amiante’ in French has been prohibited from being used in building construction in France since the 1st of January 1997 because there is a risk of cancer for people who breath the dust of asbestos. Learn more about Asbestos here

It is mandatory that all building built before July 1st 1997 in France are tested for asbestos.

If the technician who is doing the test for asbestos in a French building is not sure if a item contains asbestos they will collect a piece of the substance in question and send it to a laboratory for testing.

Make sure you check to see the property you are buying does not contain asbestos.

If you have any concerns about the presence of asbestos in a French property you can consult a English speaking French notary or lawyer to obtain guidance. We will help you free of charge find an English speaking French notary or lawyer. Just contact us here.