What is the taux de negociation in French real estate?

When you see in the French real estate news a reference to the taux de négociation, this is a reference to the difference between the price a property was advertised at and the final transaction price of a French real estate property when an agreement is made between a buyer and seller.

The ‘taux de negociation’ is expressed as a percentage.

Note one: the ‘taux de negociation’ is never meant to exactly indicate that when a property is priced at ‘x’ it will sell for ‘x’ minus the ‘taux de negociation’ it just helps indicated that there is room for negotiation in the sale price of a French property. The ‘taux de negociation’ will vary by area in France.

Note two: the properties that typically sell are the properties that are on the market at a price that attracts attention of buyers so the ‘taux de negociation’ indicates often times the final advertised price before an offer was received and accepted. It does not show that the property may have originally entered the market at a much higher price.

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