What is the SRU law in a French real estate transaction?

English Speaking Realtor France

The SRU law is a mandatory seven day (now 10 day) cooling off period for the purchaser that is required in most residential transactions. As of the time of writing this law still exists.

This period starts once both parties have signed a copy of the contract and a copy of the contract (compromise de vente) has been served to the purchaser. This right to withdraw is only available to the buyer and not to the seller.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some purchasers do not qualify to use the SRU law to end a contract. Make sure you speak to your French notary about this SRU law and how it applies to you before you sign a French property purchase contract. If you would like to speak with an English speaking French Notary we can help you contact one contact us today


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Date of Article, June 2013