What is the PVR tax in France?


PVR is an abbreviation for Participation pour Voirie et Réseaux.

What is PVR used for?
This tax was used for:

The creation and development of new roads
The development of the existing roads
The establishment or adaptation of the storm drainage system
Street lighting
The network for Drinking water, electricity, sanitation.

***** Interestingly we have found the following information online about the PVR in France.
“Cette taxe a disparu le 31.12.2014 à minuit ! Elle ne peut plus être instituée depuis le 1er janvier 2015. Mais elle peut continuer à s’appliquer dans certains cas.”

Which means:
“This tax disappeared on 31.12.2014 at midnight! It can no longer be instituted since 1 January 2015. But it can continue to apply in certain cases.” This last part is very important.

The best recommendation is for you to consult the local city hall in the city you plan to do work on your property.

Make sure you check in person and get your response in writing and seek legal tax advice for your own peace of mind.

Rules and regulations can change frequently in France.

(source in French)