What is the Loi Carrez of a French property?

At this time, French properties that are co properties such as apartments, commercial space or certain homes in residences that are a minimum of 8m2 are impacted by the loi carrez. Loi is French for law, carrez is a French term for measurement of area.

The ‘loi carrez’ is a measurement taken, for example, by a a digital measuring device like this  of the size of the space of your private French property. Once the space is measured deduction of certain areas in the property such as partitions, walls, steps, staircase, door areas etc are all taken off the total result measured and the  end result is certified by a technician as the loi carrez of the property.

According to the current rules, the loi carrez will not include in its total amount any areas in a co-property that are less than a height of 1.8 meters. It also does not include  features like balconies and terrasses.

If you would like to know more of the legal details of Loi Carrez and how it impacts you when you buy a French property we can put you in contact with an English speaking French notary. Simply click here to contact us.

Date of Article, June 2013