What is the diagnostic mérule in French real estate?

In French real estate the term mérule is referring to dry rot caused by a parasite that grows in a moist environment.

This fungus lives on the wood of your French property and grows at a fast rate when certain conditions are met. The presences of mérule can cause health risks as its spores enter the air potentially causing respiratory problems or allergies in occupants.

If your new French real estate purchase lies in an area where there is risk of mérule ( dry rot ) you need to get your property inspected by a professional diagnostic technician prior to signing the contract of purchase of sale to confirm the absence or presence of this destructive fungus.

A property may also have mérule present if it is no longer inhabited and has not been aired for a long time, best consult a professional to make sure you know more.

Consult with your English speaking French real estate professional to see if the impact of mérule / dry rot may impact your purchase of French real estate.

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