What is the address location of Tour Odeon Tower in Monaco?

After we posted the recent article about Tour Odeon we received a number of inquiries requesting the address and location of the Tour Odeon tower being built in Monaco.

When you go to the main website for Tour Odeon the current address (7 Rue Suffren Reymond ) is in fact NOT the location of the building.

Now if you do not live in Monaco and you cannot visit the location of Tour Odeon we have the map details for you.

The official address is 34, Avenue de l’Annonciade but in fact if you put this address in google maps you will not see where Tour Odeon is.

Click on this link instead and go to street view and to your left you will see the cranes that mark the beginning stage of the construction of Tour Odeon. The google map is dated as from 2010.

We are in contact with English speaking real estate agents who have been on the site of the Tour Odeon and visited the show suite. They helped us with a recent article located here

If you want more details on the development go to this article now or you can contact us to put you in direct contact with a local English speaking French real estate agent who can get you floor plans and give you a walk through in English. Contact us here.