In France what is meant by an Offre d’achat?

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Once you have found a French property you would  like to buy in France you can make an ‘offre d’achat’.

It is the first step you need to make to show the owner you are really interested in buying their French real estate.

An Offre d’achat can be made verbally but is typically made on paper or even by email. It contains very little information but it most importantly contains the amount of money you are offering the owner for his French property. Make sure you get professional advice before making an offer so you know what you need to have in this important document to protect your rights.

If your Offre d’achat is accepted you proceed to the next step in the buying process in France. Make sure you do not make an ‘Offre d’achat’ unless you are truly willing do what you offer to do.

The ‘offre d’achat’ could be approximately translated to mean an ‘offer of purchase’ it is the first step in a purchase, the next step is when both the buyer and seller sign another document called a ‘Compromis de Vente”.

It is a commitment so make sure you know your legal rights and obligation before making an ‘offre d’achat’. If you are unsure obtain legal advice. If you need guidance to an English speaking French legal expert we can help you connect. Contact us here. 

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