What is électroménager in a French property plus examples

If you see the term électroménager in a French real estate advertisement the word refers to a household electrical appliance.

Here is a quick list to help you understand a few of the common électroménager you will find in a French property plus links to information:

What is a Congélateur?

Congélateur is the French word for freezer


What is a four?

Four is the French word for an oven


What is a four encastrable?

Four encastrable is the French word for a built in oven


What is a four micro-onde?

Four micro-onde is the French word for a microwave oven


What is a Lave-Linge?

Lave-Linge is the French term for clothes washer


What is a Sèche-linge?

Sèche-linge is the French term for a clothes dryer


What is a Lave-vaisselle?

Lave-vaisselle is the French term for dishwasher


What is a Réfrigérateur?

Réfrigérateur  or Frigo is the French term for Fridge

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