What is does Loi ALUR mean?

The new French law that relates to renting of French real estate is called La Loi ALUR.

There are a number of very important changes that come with this law including:

Rent Limitation
We understand there is now a limitation on the rent that can be charged in certain areas. The only way a higher rent can be charged is if there are ‘exceptional’ characteristics of the property but even if there are ‘exceptional’ characteristics the renter can contest in court the high cost of the rent.

Standardized Form Inclusions
There will now need to be certain items noted clearly on the rental agreement including the equipment included, the work recently completed and the rent charged to the last renter.

Professional Standards
There is to be a new level of education for French real estate agents including standards of ethics and transparency.

Protection of Expulsions of Tenants
The time period during which tenants cannot be evicted has been extended to now run from the first of November to the 31st of March.

Greater Regulation of Syndics (management companies)
To eliminate for example the occurrence of syndics over charging or charging twice for services and having contracts with abusive clauses.

This law was just passed on February 20th 2014 so more details will be coming step by step.

There are at least 6 more rules that are part of this law that can be best explained to you via a no charge consultation with a English speaking French real estate agent who specializes in renting. If you would like to contact an English speaking French real estate renting expert contact us today here

Learn more details written in French here