What is a mandat Semi Exclusif in France?

In general we have seen 3 different types of French real estate Mandats (agreements between owners and real estate agencies).

The most commonly used are the mandat simple and the mandat exclusif.

On occasion you will hear of a mandat semi-exclusif. So in response to a readers question we asked what is a ‘mandat semi-exclusif” in in French real estate?

In the sale of a French property the owner can give the right to one agency to market the property on their behalf and as part of this agreement they also maintain the right to sell the property themselves. This is what is called a mandate ‘semi-exclusif’.

Note: we are not French lawyers or notaries so we recommend you seek direct legal advice before you sign an agreement with a real estate agency. You need to make sure you fully understand what you are signing. The details are important and we cannot explain them here.

To learn the important differences between a ‘mandat exclusif de vente’ and a ‘mandat simple’ also called a ‘mandat de vente sans exclusivite’ please contact us to put you in contact with an English speaking French real estate agent. We help you connect at no charge. This will save you the stress of finding an English speaking French real estate agent. Contact us here.