What is a mandat de vente simple in French real estate?

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A non exclusive listing for a property in French real estate marketing is called a ‘mandat de vente simple’ or a ‘mandat de vente sans exclusivite’.

The mandat de vente simple is a listing contract between an owner and an agency in which the agency does not have the sole right to market the property. The French property owner typically gives more non-exclusive ‘mandate de vente simple’s to other agencies who all at the same time can be marketing the property. This is why you see perhaps a property online for sale with multiple agencies.

Note: we are not French lawyers or notaries so we recommend you seek direct legal advice before you sign an agreement with a real estate agency. You need to make sure you fully understand what you are signing. The details are important and we cannot explain them here.

If you are selling or buying real estate in France it is important you know the details of all the differences between a ‘mandat de vente exclusive’ (exclusif) and a ‘mandat de vente simple’ please contact us to speak to an active English speaking real estate agent. 

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