What is a Fosse Septique in a French property advertisement?

The presence of the term Fosse Septique needs to get your attention. Fosse septique is a septic tank, a type of sanitary system used to collect the liquids and solids that exit your toilet.

When you see this term in an advertisement you need to make sure the French property owner has had the Fosse Septique inspected and that it is still in excellent working order.

You also need to find out the last time it was cleaned out and when the next cleaning is due.

Make sure you contact a septic system specialist to learn all you need to now before buying a French property with a Fosse Septique.

In general, it is an important item you need to budget to maintain. When you find properties without a Fosse Septic they are typically connected to a town sanitary system via a series of piping. Make sure you have this confirmation in writing, ask your English speaking notary for advice.

Important note: Always make sure you know if a French property has a Fosse Septic and the condition of the system before you commit to any purchase.

If you need guidance from an English speaking French property specialist to learn more about Fosse Septiques we can help guide you contact us here.

P.S. Here is a link to a book on Septic Tanks, it may not be the system you have on your French property (this you will have to confirm by yourself with professional assistance) but this book can introduce to you the concept of a septic system if you don’t already understand what septic systems are all about. Self study and asking professionals in the business is a great way to learn.