What happens before and during L’acte de vente définitif at the notary’s office?

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L’acte de vente definitif is the final deed of sale in your purchase or sale of a French property. L’acte de vente definitif typically takes place at least two months after the signing of the preliminary contract known as ‘L’avant contrat’ or ‘compromise de vente’ in French.

During these two months between the signing of the preliminary contract and the final deed of sale the notary in charge of the sale collects a variety of documents including documents to confirm the existence of any pre-emptive rights, the existence of any easements, the validity of a construction permit for major work done and confirmation of the diagnostics of the property.

The notary will also confirm if the property is still encumbered with mortgage or other forms of financial encumbrances such as a lien on the property.

The notary confirms the right of the seller to sell the property especially if the property has multiple owners or is owned by a company.

After this work and more is done the buyer and seller are invited to sign the final deed of sale at the notary’s office.

During the signing of the sale the notary reads and review the documents to the parties present who have identified themselves as the buyer and seller.

Finally, each buyer and seller initials each page that becomes part of the deed of sale and they sign the final page of each section.

Then the sale is concluded and the seller will be notified of how much he will receive and when and the buyer will receive the keys from the seller.

This is simply an overview of what happens before the signing of L’acte de vente definitif and during the meeting at the notary’s office.

To be better informed we recommend you speak directly to an English speaking French notary or English speaking French real estate agent. If you wish to speak to an English speaking French real estate agent or notary contact us to date to help you find one.


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