What does the term pièce mean in a French real estate advertisement?

In French real estate advertisements the term pièce refers to a room in the property with some extra definition to be understood. So please read on.

The living room (salon or séjour) is classified as one pièce, so an one bedroom apartment that has a bedroom and a living room typically is called a 2 pièce in an advertisement.

A two bedroom apartment should be called a 3 pièce.

It sounds simple until you find out that a double sized living room in a two bedroom apartment may be advertised as a 4 pièce leading you to think that there are 3 bedrooms when in reality there are only 2.

You need to note the kitchen is not included as a pièce and that a 1 pièce is typically called a studio if the property is an apartment.

Now call your English speaking real estate agent to find out what are the other details of the property you are interested in to make sure you know what you are going to visit. If you need a English speaking French real estate agent we can help you find one, contact us here.