What does the term a rafraichir mean in a French real estate advertisement?

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French real estate advertisements are not so easy to navigate when you are a native English speaker so we are here to help.

We are here to help you get the basics of the terminology so you can start to read the French property advertisements.

For example, when you spot the term ” à rafraichir” in a French real estate advertisement it is to tell you that the French property needs to be updated. We would say at a minimum it needs to be updated. Often when a property advertisement mentions nothing about the condition of the French property it needs to be updated. If the agent or owner mentions it needs work in an advertisement then it definitely needs to be updated.

Bonus: The term ‘gros potential’ or ‘fort potential’ typically means the whole property needs renovation. It might even mean the roof, plumbing, windows and electricity plus more needs work potentially complete replacement..

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