What does the French term Cadastre or Cadastral plan refer to?

When you hear a French person referring to the Cadastre and their property in the same sentence most likely they are referring to the details of their property on a French cadastral map.

The French cadastral map is a comprehensive register of the real property located in France. In general, it is a record of the land size and typically indicates the presence of buildings on the property. The Cadastral map of France contains at this time of posting (August 2013) over half a million references to property in France. There is controversy over the accuracy of these plans so it is best to seek legal advice about the accuracy of any cadastral plan.

Note: The global importance of Cadastral maps indicating the size and location of property is becoming more and more important due to the increasing value of property. There is even an increase in using new technology like this to create cadastral maps.

IMPORTANT: The title of a French property also contains details on the size of a French property and this may be different from what is noted on the cadastral plan. We urge you to seek French legal advice to confirm what is correct before you make any decisions.

If you are interested you can search an online database of cadastral plans by department, by commune, by address and by cadastral references. Some maps are available free online and others you need to pay for

Visit this French government website to look up samples of Cadastral maps.

The accuracy of what you buy or sell is important please consult with your English speaking French real estate professional for verification. If you need assistance locating one we can assist you contact one free of chargeContact us here for English speaking French real estate professionals.