What does SDD or Salle d’eau mean in a French Real Estate Advertisement?

If you read SDD or Salle d’eau in a French real estate advertisment it typically means there is a bathroom in the house or apartment but instead of there being a bathtub there is a nice shower unit.

If you see the word Baignoire this is the french word for bathtub and Douche is the french word for shower.

You may also see the term ‘douch Italien’ this typically but not always means there is a large walk in shower with a multijet system to refresh you.

Be aware advertisements may not always be exact.

You can learn a lot of these terms by taking the time to interview an English speaking French real estate agent and asking him or her to explain terms to you. This will help you test their knowledge and way of explaining French in English.

If you would like to locate English speaking French real estate agents please contact us to assist you.