What does FAI mean beside the price of a property for sale in France?

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When you see property for sale in France you may see FAI beside the sale price in an agency window. FAI is an acronym that means ‘frais d’agence inclus’ that is agency fee included.

Make sure the price with the agency is TTC. TTC is an acronym that means ‘toutes taxes comprises’ all taxes included. However, this TTC is referring to, we believe, just the TVA. This is important since GST or VAT known as TVA in France, the tax on services changed from 19.6 percent to 20 percent. Make sure the agency fee includes the TVA so you don’t want a huge tax surprise when you go to pay the agency who has helped you find your dream property in France.

IMPORTANT: The term FAI is now being replaced with HAI. Learn what the term HAI means here.


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