What does ‘Assurance “dommages-ouvrage” mean relating to new French property?

Before you buy a new French property you need to ask the builder for a copy of the Assurance “dommages-ouvrage” which is essentially construction defects insurance.

This insurance allows you (once your claim is qualified under the guidelines) to make a claim for repairs that are needed to parts of the building covered by the damage insurance.

In general, if you claim is accepted when you make a claim you are paid by the insurance company and the insurance company will then sue the person responsible for the defective work.

This insurance does not replace your need to do recommended maintenance on your property it relates to defects in workmanship. So you claim has to be approved as a result of defect in workmanship and not your own neglect to maintain your property after purchase. Make sure you fully understand this property building insurance by getting professional advice from a qualified expert before you sign any paper.

It is best to consult your English speaking French notary and have your English speaking real estate agent assist you with your communication with the French builder. If you need assistance locating an English speaking professional please contact us here we can help you free of charge.