What does a French Notary do in a French real estate transaction?


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The French notary is responsible for many actions during the sale of a French property.

Here are nine examples,


They will check for any third party claims on the property


They will check to see if anyone else has a right to purchase the property like the local city hall


They will confirm the right of the buyer and seller to be involved in the transaction


They are involved in the creating of the Compromis de vente


They are involved in the signing of the Act de Vente


They will provide the buyer and seller with a copy of attestation of the sale


They keep the original deed of the property


They are responsible for the transfer of funds for the purchase and the payment of the taxes required as part of the transaction


During the the signing of the Acte De Vente the Notary will read out the terms of the contract to all parties present in French. This is why it is important you have an English speaking notary available to explain anything you do not understand.

That is just an example of nine actions a French notary takes during the sale of a property. To make sure your knowledge is current and up to date it is a wise decision to contact today an notary and find out the services he or she offer you. Contact us if you are looking for an English speaking notary.