What diagnostic reports do I get when I buy a French property?

When you are buying a French property there are certain diagnostic reports attached to the contract of purchase and sale. In general as of this date these reports are as follows:


The measurement of surface of the French property according to the French legal measuring system for properties

Important note: at this time this is only required by law for French certain types of co-properties to be measured for their Loi Carrez. The loi carrez applies to apartments, commercial space and French houses in a residence (often called a domaine). If a house is in a housing development (lotissment) outside a domain the owner does not have to have the house legally measured. So buyers need to beware that a French house may not be the size its owners thinks it is. Loi carrez is measured using this type of device.



The test for the presence of asbestos in the French house or apartment you are buying.  This test is obligatory for French buildings built before the first of July 1997.Learn more about asbestos here



The test for the presence of termites in the French house or apartment you are buying. Read about dealing with termites



The test for lead (plomb) in the French house or apartment. Lead may be present for example in beautiful old window frames in a French home.



The test for the energy efficiency of a French apartment or home plus  the presence of the emissions of gases. This is very valuable so you can estimate the cost of energy the French property will use each year. Learn about energy efficiency



The test for the presence of natural risks in the area the French property is located. Risk of flooding, earthquakes etc. For Protection against earthquake damage click here



The test for the gas system and its functionality and safety.



The test of the condition of the Electrical system in the French apartment or house you are buying. Particularly, how it is related to current norms and standards and its level of safety.Electric Safety Gloves



The test for the presence of Mérule which is referring to dry rot caused by a parasite that grows in a moist environment.



If appropriate, you will need to get a report on the condition of the septic tank associated with your French property.


Make sure you are current with all the details relating to diagnostics required during the sale of a French property. Contact your French Notary.

If you would like to know more about the details of each of these reports then we can help you connect with an English speaking French notary or English speaking French real estate agent. Simply click here to contact us.

Date of Article June 2013