What are the French rental agency fees for?

French Real Estate Rental agencies charge you a fee when they help you rent a property. We got a question from Caroline one of our readers who asked ‘what are the French rental agency fees for? What does the agent get paid for?”

Caroline, good question because when you rent directly from an owner you don’t have to pay an agency fee.

So here is the answer:

As a general overview French rental agencies are charging you for:

The Inventory of the Condition of the property and Included Items called ‘L’etat des lieux’ in French

The drafting of the lease document called la rédaction du bail in French

Preparation of your file called montage du dossier in French

Visiting the Properties with you

It is important to note that at the present time most French real estate agencies have been charging around one months rent as the fee for service but now the government of France is intending to change this fee system by requiring the agencies to charge a fee that relates to the size of the rental space.

In some cases this could lead to a 50 percent reduction in the amount that can be charged by the agencies.

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