What 3 Things are Important for Non-Local French property buyers?


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Before you buy a French property it is important to ask yourself what is important to you in your choice of location of your French property.

We created a French property buyer’s guide to assist you and here are some bonus tips:

Most non-local French property buyers ultimately seek sunshine, not necessarily burning sunshine but more sun than where they live. Make sure you are working with a French real estate who is an area specialist who knows the climate in the region your are interested in. A good agent will be able to tell you if the climate in the area they work can suit your needs. Remember some places in France that are beautiful may also have a lot of rain.

Most non-local French property buyers seek beautiful scenery and there is lot of different types of scenery in France. The best way to find what you like is plan a vacation in France where you spend a few weeks ideally visiting many different areas to find the scenery you enjoy the most. Do this before focusing on the type of home you want.

Most non-local French property buyers find transportation is a key issue to make sure they have easy access to their new dream French property. The ability to leave work on Friday and be at your French home before the evening is over is ideal allowing you to maximize the time you spend on location. For resale value it is also very important your new French home is not remote or it can be hard to sell.

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