WARNING about French real estate advertising

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WARNING about French real estate advertising – the hidden detail.

When you read an article about a French real estate agent or agency that is praising the value of the person or company make sure you are not reading what is called an Advertorial.

An Advertorial is an advertisement that is written to make it look like it is a piece of editorial content.

A French real estate agency or agent will pay to have their self written praises on a site or in a magazine.

We recommend you make sure you are reading real not paid for editorial content.

We mention this because recently we have been getting phone calls from French real estate magazines and online services asking us to write content for their site and saying we can do this if we paid for the article placement. That is they want us to write an ‘advertorial’. They get content to boost their rankings and they get the writer to pay to place the article.

We don’t like this idea. We don’t pay to have our content placed on another site.

Indeed, we believe it is supposed to be noted on an advertorial article that it is in fact an advertisement but sometimes you have to search.

In contrast, as you will see on our site we have testimonials from people who have used our service and, this is the best advertisement for our quality of service.

Just scroll down to see comments on our work.