Video Saint Marie De La Mer Camargue Charming French Village

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Welcome to Saint Marie de la Mer

In the south of France in the area called the Camargue you will find Saint Marie De La Mer. This is an impressive little village that receives thousands of visitors in the Summer time and not so many in the winter since it can be by French standards a little chilly and windy.

One wonderful feature of the village is the huge church. It is a fortress style building noticeable from far out to sea.

Surrounding the village you will see the guardian homes. Little cottages that were inhabited by the people who took care of the local bulls roaming in the fields close by.

The camargue is also famous for the pink flamingos who can stand all night in frozen water.

Take the time to visit Saint Marie De La Mer, the history of the village goes back to the 4th century and possibly before. It may be the ideal place for your to have a home away from home.

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