Video 5 Important Points when Installing a Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

If you have a French property and you wish to install a swimming pool you need to consider at a minimum the following 5 important points:


The Rules
Depending on the part of France you live in and the size of the swimming pool you may or may not have to have a permit for construction. Before you invest check with the local city hall to find out the regulations for the installation of a swimming pool.


The Taxes
In general when you have installed a swimming pool on your French property it is considered as an item that increases the value of your property. Therefore, you need to consult with your local government office to find out how your property and residential taxes will be impacted by the installation of the pool before you make your investment.


The Cost
The cost of a swimming pool installed on a French property varies with the type of pool.

If the pool is above ground we have seen prices between 6000 to 15000 euros.

If the pool is installed in the ground the price is much more expensive. We have seen prices starting at a minimum of 10000 euros to 65000 euros and upwards.

Remember in your budget for a French swimming pool you need to allow for maintenance which can be daily.

Contact a professional pool installation company to get exact pricing details.


The Security
Make sure you have effective safety systems in place when you have installed a pool on your French property. Deaths related to swimming pool incidents are one of the highest causes of accidental deaths in France.


The Usage
It is not uncommon for us to speak with owners who have installed a pool and they rarely use it. The pool is more like an unused feature of the home.

Make sure that before you take the time and money and have to pay the extra taxes after the installation of a pool that it is something you will really use and get your return on the value invested.

If you have already a French property in the south of France that has a swimming pool and you would like to rent it out seasonally you can contact us since we know agents who specialized in renting luxury property with a swimming pool. Contact us here.

Time Lapse Video on In Ground Pool Installation