Top Ten Cities to Invest in France 2015



If you are planning on investing in French real estate you need to check out the top ten cities recommended to place your money in France.

Explorimmo and Explorimmoneuf have created their 4th annual edition of the top ten cities to invest in France. They look at the top 30 most populated cities in France and look at the following criteria:

Evolution of Price


Presence of Students

Price of Real Estate Old and New

Average Prices of Rentals for Studios and 2 Bedroom Apartments

Plus other criteria.

The Results:

Number one Toulouse

1- Toulouse
2- Lyon
3- Nantes
4- Lille
5- Bordeaux
6- Villeurbanne
7- Montpellier
8- Nîmes
9- Grenoble
10-Le Mans

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Read source article in French here