Three things most French Property Buyers NEVER think of

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French real estate investment is a wonderful thing to do, however, many buyers we have interviewed never think of certain ideas that we mention in our 110 tip buyer’s guide so they ultimately make mistakes.

Here are a 3 more tips to remember:

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Comparing the Weather
You may assume you know the weather in the area you are interested in, however, visit Meteo France. The French weather authority will help you see the places in France that have temperatures you desire. You may be surprised that it is not only the south of France where you can be spending time in the Sun.

Internet Access
You may be surprised but there are still plenty of places in France where the internet connection is non-existent or very slow requiring you to invest in a satellite system that is much more expensive than regular land based services. Do your research.

Bus and Train Services
If you are going to travel from your area via bus or train make sure you check the regularity of the services before you buy. Some places in France have great public transport others really not so good. There may be only a bus twice a day!

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