Three Simple Ways to Improve the Sale Price of a French Property

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As a French property owner you can use the following steps to improve the potential sale price of your French real estate.

Fresh Coat

A fresh coat of paint on the external doors of the home or the inner rooms can make all the difference in the world in how a property appears to buyers. It often indicates that the seller values their home and takes care of their home. Buyers who visit homes that are in need of paint typically think the owners are desperate for money and so could not afford to paint. Also when buyers visit a home that is in need of paint they think the owner does not care at all about the home and most likely has let other areas of the home fall into need of repair.

Read Magazines

Read magazines to get inspired about ways in which you can attractively and inexpensively replace what we call hardware in a home. Fresh door handles on closets, on doors and potentially new taps, all these items can be a nice inexpensive way to add a bright new appearance to a home. In contrast, a home with broken or missing handles on doors or closets becomes a buyer beware signal ‘this owner is desperate to sell or does not care at all about the home’.

Prepare the Outside

If the home has an outside area like a garden make sure regardless of the time of year the garden and the surrounding areas are tidy and nicely presented. If the home has a balcony or terrace add some nice attractive chairs and a table plus a plant or ornament that is inviting to visitors. You want people to think ‘I would like to sit and stay a while here’.

To learn more ideas that can enhance the sale price of your French property contact us to get you in contact with an English speaking French real estate agent in your area. No charge for our assistance.