Three Secrets to Selling your French Property for the Best Price

english speaking french real estate agent

To sell your French property for the best price you need knowledge.


Professional Information

You need to be in contact with your local French real estate agent as soon as you plan to sell your home so you can be up to date with market trends and know when is the best time to sell your property to maximize your sale price. Inaccurate pricing can result in your taking a long time to sell or selling too low. Do not be afraid to contact you agent several months in advance to help you see the market trends.



All the documents including the diagnostic reports for your French property can take time to acquire. Make sure you obtain in advance necessary reports and documents so you are ready for the market and ready to answer all the potential buyer’s questions. Make a buyer wait and you can lose a sale. Make sure you have the Tax Fonciere and all other necessary documents. Ask you English speaking French notary if you do not know what documents you need. Being prepared can help you keep a buyer’s interest high and maximize their offer.



Make sure you prepare your home to maximize potential buyer interest and purchase price. We offer 50 tips in our seller’s guide to help you maximize your French property sale price.

If you need guidance to an English speaking French real estate agent in your area of choice contact us here.