The Secret French Real Estate Investors Market Une Chambre de Bonne

Today in France with the cost of renting high many students and young professional seek a place to live in the form of a ‘chambre de bonne’. Typically, you will find a ‘chambre de bonne’ in the heart of big cities and the market for these inexpensive desirable French properties is heavily researched by investors.

In general, depending on the location a studio suite in France will cost you close to or more than a 100 000 euros in a big French city but a ‘chambre de bonne’ may only cost you 35 000 Euros in the same city.

It is very important to note that for a ‘chambre de bonne’ to be considered legally habitable, at this time,it must be a least 9 m2 and have height of min 2.2 m, that is a volume of minimum 20 m2.

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Date of Posting: Feb 9 2014