The Secret French Real Estate Investors Market The Parking Place

If you want to invest in French real estate but you do not have a lot of money to start with you still have an opportunity. Invest in French parking, you purchase the title of a garage or a parking space in a building in an area where there is rental demand and you can find yourself with a good investment.

According to an article in the French site  Explorimmo today return on investment for a garage can be between 5 and 6 percent which is higher than on regular housing.

A quick search today on the French property site shows garages in Cannes priced from 18 000 euros to 80 000 euros.

In Monaco, there are no garages for sale today. If you have one to sell in Monaco you have most likely a guaranteed sale or renting opportunity. In Paris today there are parking spaces in underground parking for sale for 7200 Euros. Then prices step by step go to a double parking closed garage in the 16 district in Paris for 183 000 Euros.

Tomorrow we will publish an article with tips on how to invest in the right money making garage or parking space.

Today you can contact us to help you find an English speaking French real estate agent in your investment area of choice. We will help you find the agent for free (in general not an easy task in France and the agent can help you plan your French real estate investment. Contact us here.