The Real Cost of Buying French Property: Avoid Surprise Costs

English speaking French real estate agent

If you are planning on buying French property you need to be aware the cost of the French property will be more than the price of the French home.

There are a number of additional costs to French property you need to know.

Do not wait till you ‘fall in love’ with a French property and sign a contact before you learn more about these items. Do not let them be surprise costs to you.

Below are some examples of ‘things you need to know’ the rest you can learn from speaking directly with an English speaking French real estate agent or by making an appointment with one of our English speaking French real estate specialists for a phone consultation that will save you time, money and stress.


You need to know the approximate amount of the agent’s commissions and, if and when it is applicable.

You need to know the tax implication of your French property purchase.

You need know the amount of the French property transfer tax (this is a large amount).

You need to know the total cost of the French notary fees.

You need to take in account currency exchange fees, if applicable.

You need to take into the account the cost of a French property inspection or survey.

You need to be aware of the French local property taxes and how these taxes (yes, plural) apply.

You need to plan ahead for the deposit you need to pay in advance for your purchase.

There are additional items to the above list and then you have to take into account renovation, maintenance, insurance and everyday costs of owning a French property.

We don’t want to scare you we just want to make you prepared so you invest in your French property with as little stress as possible.

We can help you because we are are professionals in the industry of helping make French property buyers and sellers happy. Contact us here.