The Great, the Average and the Super G of the French Real Estate Industry

english speaking french real estate agents?

In France, the real estate industry is working to increase the standards for all individuals directly involved in the French real estate industry. This is good news.

Buyers and sellers of French real estate like you can also help inspire better real estate practices in France by the demand you have on the qualification of the real estate professionals you work with.

In general you have 3 choices:

Choice one
You can choose to work with a French real estate specialist. These are the great agents who take the time to study a city or town and know what the city hall is planning on developing, they know the different neighbourhoods that offer different features, they know that certain parts of town get blocked in traffic during morning rush hour, they know the schools, they know the businesses plus, of course, they visit and know all the property that is for sale that you are interested in and they can tell you from experience what values are because they know the market.

Choice two
You can choose to work with an average French real estate generalist. These are the average agents who know some of the knowledge the specialist knows but they don’t know all the details. This is because they don’t specialize in one area. Instead they have a general knowledge of a number of cities or town and they need to do more research to serve you like a specialist. You ask a question and often they have to check or worse they guess.

Choice three
You can choose to work with the French real estate super generalist. These are the sellers or buyers agents who know just a little bit about many towns or villages of a region or department. They may have visited lots of houses or apartments over time but they do not know the particular details of a town or village and they need to turn to the local specialists to get you the details you need or you may make a mistake in your purchase. Sure the super generalist can study the area for you once you find a property that is of interest but why would you work with them instead of working with a local specialist all the way through.

I personally prefer to work with specialists. Just like if I needed a medical treatment I would want a doctor who is a specialist in that treatment, it is my opinion that a local real estate specialist is the best choice. If you feel different please let me know.

Note: In most cases you pay the same for each of these types of agents so why not choose the one who can help you the best?

At ESREA France we prefer to put you in contact with English speaking French real estate agents who are specialists in their areas of choice.

If you need a English speaking French real estate specialist contact us here.