The Candy GPS Report – Global Prime Sector Top Residential Enclaves includes French Riviera

If you are interested in French real estate you need to check out The Candy Report – The Global Prime Sector Top Residential Enclaves – this report ranks locations by global reach, real estate values, exclusivity and luxury tourism.

In the latest report featured by Savills there is an interesting table noting the top twenty real estate locations sought after by the most wealthiest people in the world.

Top Five Enclaves from the Candy GPS Report Autuum 2013

Rank one
French Riviera, France

Rank Two
Costa Smeralda, Italy

Rank Three
St Barts, St Barts

Rank Four
Aspen, USA

Rank Five
Monaco, Monaco

Go to the Savills article to read find out more about the report

If you did not get a copy of the special report noted in the Savill’s article please contact us.  We will help you get a copy.