The Best Ways to search for French real estate

Here are five excellent ways you can find your new French real estate investment. There are more but check these out.


French real estate websites

There are many different websites that carry advertisements for French properties including some websites that gather information from numerouss other websites to help reduce your search time. However, in France there still are plenty of properties that never appear on a website.


French Newspaper Ads

It is not unusual for a French real estate agency or private individual to only put an property advertisement in a newspaper ad and not advertise the property on a website. So make sure you take the time to look at the local ads in your area of choice.


French Real Estate Agencies

Make sure you contact French real estate agencies in your area of choice to see if they have properties for sale that they have not advertised on their website or in a local paper. IMPORTANT Note: in France at this time there are still agencies who do not use websites or don’t post all the properties they have on their website.  One way to save yourself time is to contact an English speaking French real estate agent who networks with other agents in your area of choice this can help you find your ideal property easier and faster because they will contact numerous agencies on your behalf.


French Notaries

If you have a special request for a rare French property that is not often on the market make sure you are in touch with English speaking French notaries in your area of choice since they can let you know if there are working on an inheritance transaction that may eventually involve the sale of your dream property.


French Neighbors

If you speak a little French make sure you connect with your neighbors to find out about property coming on the market.

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