110 Tips on how to get your best deal on French real estate

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Stage Your French Home to Highlight the Value and SELL

Many times people place their French home on the market and present it exactly as it always is. Really nice and tidy or well, you can guess the alternative.

In North American there has been a trend for a long time called Home Staging and it is really all about presenting your home in the best way possible to get the attention of as many interested buyers, simply to increase the chance of selling.

We recently saw a slide show on the HGTV site that offers 15 Secrets of Home Staging.

The summary in our words is below but you need to scroll down and visit the site to see all the great pictures and read the extra details.

Remember: home staging can make the difference between selling and hoping to sell.

Here is the overview of the tips: (in the form of teasers to get you to visit the HGTV site)

De Clutter and the Simplest way to do it.

The Secret of Grouping Furnishings

Furniture – Move it just like in Musical Furniture

Space Transformation

Light Up

Paint The Walls to Make the Room Bigger

The Appealing color of Neutral

The Power of Color – Experiment with Color

Hang the Decoration in a Different Way

The Power of 3 in a Triangle

Bring The Garden Inside

Bedroom Staging Trick

Change The Doors to Change the Kitchen

Repair or Pay

Paint the Tiles, really!

Okay, now we have enticed you enough here is the link excellent HGTV slide show.

check out HGTV Magazine