Should I get legal advice before signing a compromis de vente?

When you buy a property in France you will be asked to sign a compromis de vente at the real estate agency or your notary’s office or the office of the notary of the seller, if you have not chosen to have your own notary.

This is a contract you are signing with built in legal obligations. Before you sign this document you need to seek legal advice from a trained independent legal adviser who can explain to you all the details of the contract in words you understand.

Even if you can read French, French legal terminology can be challenging so don’t take any chances.

When you are buying a French property you need to make sure that your interests are protected by getting professional legal advice.

With professional legal guidance during your purchase of a French property you can protect your interests by adding clauses that are to your benefit.

Make sure you are not leaving out something that you will regret. Speak to someone who can give you legal advice and stand by it professionally.

If you would like to connect with an English speaking French legal adviser please contact us and we can direct you to one free of charge. Contact us here.