RealRiviera a new online magazine to explore


At ESREA France we recently started a page on Instagram to share tips and photographs.

We received a like from a new French online magazine and as result we discovered Enrique, Daniel and Tamara who work behind the scenes at RealRiviera Life and Style magazine.

There are lots of online magazines so I decided to reach out and learn about the people behind RealRiviera and what makes them different.


It was refreshing to hear back rapidly from Enrique, the executive editor, since so many online companies we have contacted rarely respond to an email inquiry at all when we just want to learn about their focus.

Enrique offered to arrange a time to chat.

We had a nice chat for about 20 minutes.

One thing I could sense from the conversation I had with Enrique is that he is really passionate about his work. It comes from a passion for life on the French Riviera. I like that he, like all members of the team, are based on the French Riviera. In contrast, to a number of online magazines on France that have a main office outside of France.

We, as a business based in France, love to give an opportunity to local French businesses who can help our English speaking readers like you learn more about life in France. We want you as a reader to really get a handle on the French lifestyle as well as real estate information.

Real Riviera offers a diverse set of topics to read about. Why not click over now and check out what they have to offer.

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