Paris Real Estate Two Innovative Ways to Enhance the City of Paris

Paris real estate is about to change.

This year from January 14 to March 15 the mayor of Paris had available to all Parisian a platform to gather ideas from Parisians on how to impprove their city.

Below are two suggested ideas we liked from the thousands of suggestions:

Rain Wild

Install in the drainage system of Paris a system of mini turbines that are moved by the passage of rainwater through the pipes of Paris. The idea is to use this turbine movement to generate electricity to perhaps help light the city. This turbine system is called ‘rain wild’ and was developed by Mexican students. It has already been installed in an area of Mexico city.

According to Meteo France it rains 111 days per year in Paris so there is lots of potential for this idea. This idea has yet to be adapted in Paris.

Green Roofs

Paris does not have many green roofs at this time and green roofs can help reduce the temperature in buildings as has been demonstrated in the big cities in Germany. The city of Paris is now working on encouraging the installation of 100 hectares of green roofs by the year 2020.