Opportunity How to Save Money on Your French Property Purchase

2014, at this moment according to a new edition of Envoye Special on France 2 (video in French) this is the time to negotiate you best purchase price on French real estate.

This is because, in general, one in ten of French properties that are secondary residences need to be sold by the owner who needs to sell because of financial difficulty.

This means a lot of homes are available since there are over 3 million secondary residences in France, 12 times more than in Germany.

This means there are thousands of special purchases to be made if you can find them. But this may not be easy.

According to the report, owners and agencies do not display prices in windows or advertisements that indicate the exceptional deals on French secondary residences. You have to do research, visit properties and make a low offer on the one you want and see how the owner responds.

The location of the properties can be in many places throughout France (you can use this page to learn about the different parts of France).

Indeed, you will need to work closely with your English speaking French real estate agent to find a good deal. Then you may have to wait for the owner of the property to accept your proposal because most likely your offer will not be what they wish for.

To get your best purchase price you will need expertise to negotiate the best result for you. Contact us here to find an English speaking French real estate agent for your area of choice in France. Get your agent working for you today.

If you understand spoken French you can watch the show linked to here.