New Solution to Repair French Real Estate Cracks in Walls


French village homes are some of the most beautiful homes in the world. Except when they suffer from extensive cracking that appears over time.

Dutch microbiologist and inventor Hendrik Marius Jonkers appears to have a solution that is supposed to come to market this year.

The solution is actually a solution of bacteria that is added to concrete that is used to build a home. Additional plans underway is a spray on treatment of the bacteria that can fill those nasty cracks appearing on your beautiful French home.

Sound strange? The bacteria actually exists naturally in rocks.


How it works

In general, the bacteria which is mixed into the concrete is activated from sleep in the presence of water that enters the cracks in the concrete. Then as the bacteria lives it secretes the same product that is used in concrete, thereby filling the cracks.

Watch this amazing video below for more details.

It could be a solution you have been waiting for.