New French Real Estate Six Reasons to Invest in New

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Buying French real estate can actually save you money in part of the process. Read below for more details

Notary Fees
At the present time Notary fees for the purchase of a new French property is less than half the amount you would pay if you were to buy a pre-owned French property at the same price!

Zero Interest Rate Loan
If you fulfill the requirements and you are buying in certain parts of France you can pay for part of your property with a loan that is offered to you with zero interest.

Tax Foncière
When you buy new French real estate you can apply to have exonoration of the payment of the first two years of the property tax (taxe foncière).

Reduction on your Income Taxes
Contact your Local French tax adviser for details

Lower Energy Bills
New French real estate is constructed with energy efficiency in mind so you can pay less for the maintenance of a new French property compared to an older French property of the same size.

You can have a ten year warranty on the property.
Ask for special details from your English speaking French real estate agent.

If you need an English speaking French real estate agent or another type of real estate related English speaking service provider in France (mortgage broker, currency exchange specialist…) contact us here.