Meet Susan Allen and English Informer in France

esrea france

Every English speaking person that moves to France or is thinking of moving to France needs to get informed about many areas of the French lifestyle.

Today I had the pleasure of speaking on the phone with Susan Allen who is the founder and editor in chief of the online magazine English Informer in France.

Susan and her team of writer’s does just that ‘keep you informed’.

esrea france

Susan took the time out from her busy schedule to tell me about the many resources English speaking people can find on her website The English Informer in France.

The resources include sections on: Beauty and Fashion, Health and Well Being, Events, Art Gallery, Laughs, Quotes and Poems, Let’s Eat, Sue’s Gardening Corner and Starting your Own Business and of course the Editor’s Choice of the Week.

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In addition, to English Informer in France website they also have a very active and well liked Facebook page.

We can only suggest that you dive in and check out the wealth of information Susan has to share with you.

Thanks again Susan for all your dedication.


P.S. Click image below to visit and learn more
esrea france