Below this notice in French are details in English. Details are in French since I, David Hennessey, who represent the site live in France.


Mentions légales
Ce site est la propriété de David Hennessey, créateur de le site ESREA France.

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Informations :
Alors que nous avons effectué toutes les démarches pour nous assurer de la fiabilité des informations contenues sur ce site internet, David Hennessey ne peut encourir aucune responsabilité du fait d’erreurs, d’omissions, ou pour les résultats qui pourraient être obtenus par l’usage de ces informations.
Ce site est un répertoire (annuaire) d’informations sur les associations et les entreprises françaises, mais je ne peux pas garantir la qualité des services ou des produits offerts par les associations et les entreprises françaises sur le site. Il est à votre charge de vérifier avant d’utiliser.

Confidentialité :
Les informations recueillies font l’objet d’un traitement informatique destiné à conserver les coordonnées de nos membres et personnes cherchant à nous contacter. Elles peuvent être utilisées pour des actions informatives ou commerciales mais sont exclusivement destinées à David Hennessey. Conformément à la loi « informatique et libertés » du 6 janvier 1978 modifiée en 2004, vous bénéficiez d’un droit d’accès et de rectification aux informations qui vous concernent, que vous pouvez exercer en vous contactez
David Hennessey / davidhennesseyca (chez) gmail.com our T. +33 6 36 60 16 39.


Legal Disclaimer

We are not real estate notaries or real estate lawyers, we are an educational and referral assistance site.  This website is for information purposes only and there is no guarantee either implied or direct that each item of information you receive on this site will be exact nor do we guarantee the quality of the service offered by the people we refer you to. We simply offer an introduction. We are doing our best to offer you quality information in a simple format as an introduction to your learning about real estate in France but we do not give legal or tax advice and we reserve the right to not respond to any request or question submitted that is not within our ability to serve.

If you want legal, tax or other specific information you need to get professional advice from the appropriate professional that you will most likely pay for unless the professional offers you a free consultation.  We do not offer assistance on the impact of laws, taxes etc.

We are not permitted to give you legal or tax advice. If this is the nature of your request go to this French notary site in English to find a solution to your need or to a more appropriate service provider

Quality and Experience of Service and Product Providers

We work on doing our very best to give you the opportunity to connect with English speaking service and product providers. Our purpose is to help you connect with a service provider who speaks English which is not always easy to find in France. However, we do not imply or take any responsibility legal or otherwise for the quality of service you receive from the service and / or product providers who are linked to from this site. Or whom you are directed to by phone or email. As in any transaction it is required you do your own due diligence and if you have a concern or issue with a product or service please contact the provider directly. You can choose to stop working with the product and service provider anytime. Seek professional advice before signing any contracts or agreements.

Policy Note for service providers and advertisers.

All service providers and advertisers are required to speak English the purpose of this site is to help English speaking individuals in a country where English is not the first language. If you are providing a service or advertising your services to our readers and membership and we find out that you cannot provide service in English your membership in this site will be cancelled. You can, of course, re-apply to be a member when you find someone in your company who can offer service in English.

Your opportunity to advertise will also be cancelled if we have reports of poor quality service in English from users of your service.

Our approach to operation may be changed at any time at the sole discretion of the operator of this site. If the operator finds that it is not possible to operate this service effectively at the current cost per month prices will be subject to change or the service will have to end without notice. Refunds will not take place however you billing will end at the end of the month of the end of service.

As a member / advertiser on this site you are required to make on time the payment you have agreed to as part of your membership.


There are local and international laws relating to Disclosure requirements pertaining to blogs and websites. Such as the US FTC requirement for disclosure of any relationship a website or blog owner has with a product manufacturer or service provider when they write about or promote a product or service on their blog or website.  This is the reason for this note on disclosure. We offer this website to you the reader for free however we are compensated through fees we receive from service providers who are part of our network. In addition please see below:

Linked to Items

If you use or buy a service or product after using a link or information on this site there is a chance we will earn money beyond the fees we charge for advertising or referral fees we obtain from service providers who are part of our network. For example, if you go to another website like Amazon via a link on this site. Then you complete a purchase and you do not return the product or cancel the service. Then we will receive a small referral commission.  Please note in most cases you pay exactly the same amount for the product or service when you go through a link on this site as when you go direct. If you don’t want us to earn anything please go direct.


If we are displaying ad like Google Ads we receive a small referral fee from Google when you click thru on one of the ads. However, we are not responsible for the results of your action of clicking on an ad.

Cost of referral to an English speaking agent or other service providers professionals.

When legally permitted we may receive a fee from a real estate agent or professional in our network if you complete a transaction with them or they may pay us an upfront advertising fee.


There are risks involved in any process of personal or business venture. This site is for information purposes only.

If you are unsure, use caution and seek paid for professional advice you deem appropriate before making decisions. Verify what you need to know with an outside service prior to making any decisions if you need to do so.

We are simply providing information and expect that you will do your own research and due diligence.

Privacy Policy

If you subscribe to our information updates or contact us by email we obtain the consent from you automatically to send you marketing and educational materials and you can unsubscribe anytime by contacting us via the email you received that you no longer want. Please make sure you tell us all the email addresses you want to unsubscribe from our system so we make sure we delete it.

We do not trade, rent or sell our list of subscribers to newsletters nor do we trade, rent or sell our list buyers of products or services without your awareness and notification. If you have made a subscription to one of our services or if you have made a previous purchase from us from time to time you will receive information from us to see if you are interested in another product, service or to see if you are interested in attending an event. Since this is a business and we do need to market our products and services to support our work. If you do not wish to receive future promotional information please let us know by email and we will confirm your withdrawal from our system as soon as possible.  We currently use mailchimp dot com and gmail dot com to send out our messages please consult these sites to be aware of their privacy policies.

Analysis: Please note we analyzes the logs on our websites and our blogs to help us constantly improve the value of the content and services available. Our logs are not personally identifiable and we make no attempt to link the logs to individuals that actually use our site.

Email inquiries: When you make an email inquiry you give us your permission to be contacted. Your email address may be added to our general solicitation database which can unsubscribe from at any time.

Subscribers: If you subscribe to our services you are welcome to unsubscribe any time and we, on our side, reserve the right without notice to unsubscribe members of our community without explanation.

Feedback, Survey respondents and Customer contact: if you are a customer and email us at this site or phone or use regular mail to contact us you are giving us permission to collect, store, retrieve and otherwise use any information you send us unless you explicitly state otherwise in your communication. If your communication can be seen by us as a testimonial you, by sending the message, are agreeing that it may be publicized for commercial purposes unless in the same message you explicitly state otherwise. If your respond to a survey be aware that information you offer (non-personalized) may be used for solicitation for commercial purposes and product design by us, by joint venture partners, affiliates and marketing companies.

Users: This website is not lawfully to be used or accessed by persons under the age of 18 or who are otherwise covered by the provisions of the Child Online Privacy Act of 1998 (COPA). If you are under the age of 18 you must leave this site immediately.

Site Advertisements-Banners, Pop ups, hyperlink Ads: When you visit this site and click on a site ad and/ or a banner ad and or a pop up ad and or another form of hyperlinked ad you must assume information will be collected about you from these advertisers. We, this website provider, are not responsible for the use of information you give by your actions.

Be aware acting on these ads will have your information collected, cookies placed on your hard drive and we, the website provider are not responsible for what happens with your information or the accuracy of the advertisements you visit. We also cannot guarantee your actions will not lead to third party advertisers from which a download may contain harmful computer code being installed on your computer. As always do your own research before acting on using information.

Referring emails and web pages: When you send a friend an email with one of our page URLS or with an email about this site from this site you must be aware that some data about your actions is collected via your IP address, your email and your friend’s email. Your message will appear to your friend as coming from you and you must accept the full responsibility of sending them the information in case any damage results from your referral.

Public Forums, bulletin boards or blogs: using these services is done at your own risk. By using them on this site or related sites you waive all rights to complain about the consequences to us as we do not always monitor these programs and you take on all your own risk when you post publicly or share with another on these services via comments you make and more.


Unwanted emails or spam: when you give us your email you waive all rights to file complaints concerning unsolicited emails from this website or affiliated organizations or persons. However, all emails you receive will give you the opportunity to ‘unsubscribe’. If this is your wish please do so and your name with be withdrawn from the solicitation database. We do not want to keep sending you information you do not want.


Cookies: cookies are computer language for bits of computer code that is placed on your hard drive to keep track of your search behavior and actions on the site. This helps websites like this one who are using analysis programs like ‘google analytics’ to collect information on your computer, your email address (if used) and your IP address with the purpose of understanding visitor behavior and actions on this site. For example, pages visited. By using this site like many sites you are giving permission to the placement of cookies on your hard drive. If you do not wish to use sites that contain cookies you will need to block your access to websites that place cookies on your computer. When this site is visited you are giving permission for the information gathered to be collected, stored, retrieved and used for product design, marketing to you and general commercial marketing by this site, affiliates and other marketing organizations.


Usage of information: you must be aware that using this site may result in any information you share with us being shared with other persons or parties for product creation or marketing purposes. With the exception of credit card information or other financial information which not usually known by us as it is collected by outside companies like PayPal www.paypal.com when you enter a transaction. (Read more details below in section on Order Security) If you do not want any solicitation received by you please directly make note of this to us on paper, by phone or by email and make sure you receive a confirmation that we have received your request. As always, take caution when putting your personal information on line.


Order Security: When you buy a product directly from us you do not buy directly on this site. Instead you are redirected to the Pay Pal site www.paypal.com that creates secure transactions for big sites like the Ebay Auction site (www.Ebay.com.). Your action may also lead you to visit the Amazon site www.amazon.com or another site this website and / or blog is linked to. Your transaction and financial information is then processed through the other site. We never receive or obtain any of your financial data. If you have questions about the security of using Pay Pal, Amazon or another site please review their sites privacy policy and other disclaimers before taking any action.


Security of your information: please be aware we do our best to keep any information we have secure. However, you must assume that it is possible for ‘hackers’ to obtain your information and use it in a manner that may cause you harm. By using this site you agree that this site and its operators and companies that assist it in the manner of conducting business are not responsible for damages to you and you waive all claims of any nature present or future should your information be inappropriately accessed and used.

Disputes or claims: site users, visitors, customer and clients agree that the applicable law to be applied in any dispute or claim shall be that of the residence of the website owner(s). The prevailing party shall be reimbursed by the other party for any and all costs associated.

Viewing of this policy page is construed as acceptance of the terms of this policy. If you do not wish to accept the terms of this policy you are fraudulently using this site and must leave it immediately.

Please note this policy is subject to change without notice. Please check back frequently for any modifications.

If you have additional questions or comments please contact us via the contact link in the page menu

Thank you for reading this notice.

David Hennessey

Last update: 26 April 2017