Key Points to Check When you Visit a French Property

How to Buy a French Property

When you are buying a French property you need to remember  the following:



No matter how nice the house or apartment is or how strongly your heart beats when you enter it,  its location you cannot change so make sure it is close to schools, shops and transportation if this is needed to help sell the property in the future and make sure the property is far away from noisy roads.

Don’t buy a property that is beside a busy road not matter how cheap it is because it may be very difficult to sell when you need to do so. The location of your French property will be a big part of its future resale value.



Check Everywhere and Everything

During your visit, if the French apartment or villa is of interest to you check everywhere and everything. Test all the lights, the electrical outlets, the heating, air conditioning (when was it last cleaned?), check the hot water tank for leaks. Look behind shelves, inside closets, under rugs to make sure damaged tiles or damaged walls are not hidden. If there is an underground storage area or attic then check it too. If you are not sure come back with a professional who can advise you. Of course, ask the owner can you check, an honest owner will have nothing to hide.



Bring a Friend

When you visit a property make sure you do not base your decision just on emotion. A nice view or beautiful garden can block you from seeing a damaged roof or water infiltration that will be costly. Bring along a friend who can help you see the ‘real’ value of the property.



Different Times

It is very wise to visit a property at different times of the day to see the impact of light and neighborhood noise. Consider also visiting in the evening as well as during the day and weekend. You will most likely pay a lot for your French property so make sure you are getting real value.

This is just the beginning of the most important items you need to consider when you visit a French property with the intention of buying. To get more guidance contact your English speaking French real estate agent. If you wish to locate an English speaking French real estate agent we can help you find one in your area of choice at no charge. Contact us here today.