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“We are a community of English speaking French real estate professionals and service providers. You are welcome to join us if you work in real estate or a related industry to help us serve our community better.

What makes us unique is that we coach our members to help them succeed more as well as help connect them with new clients.”

Below is a selection of our members

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What are we doing?

Customers want qualified professionals to serve them. If you are a qualified French real estate professional we will be happy to hear from you. This includes Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Architects, Currency Experts, Home Inspectors, Property Surveyors, Photographers, Videographers, Tax Advisers, Legal advisers, French paperwork Services, Interior Design, Home Stagers, Renovation and Construction.

We are building a community of English speaking French real estate professionals and service providers who want to work together, learn continually and enjoy the opportunity to receive referrals of English speaking clients.

After we connect you with a client you pay a introduction fee once you get paid and only when you get paid.

We work on getting the best qualified clients for you and we offer on going coaching tips to help you succeed more in your work. Contact us for complete details or read on.

Our customers want highly qualified professionals who love giving service. Is that you?

By joining our network you have the potential to receive valuable clients! and valuable exposure on a very active niche website. We have worked thousands of hours and invested thousands of euros to create this opportunity for you! We have already connected 100’s of people with professionals to assist them. 

Founded two years ago ESREA France now receives thousands of visitors each month from English speaking people looking for information on French real estate in English. They often ask to be connected with a professional in France. This professional can be you when you are a member.

What are members saying?

esreafrance Member Hilary Larkin writes:
I had already worked with David as an estate agent in Cannes and know how motivated, honest and trustworthy he is. So when he set up ESREA France I was delighted to have the opportunity to be part of his real estate professionals’ network knowing how utterly professional and enthusiastic he is about all his projects. I have received some excellent referrals which I may not otherwise have. These have come from all over the world from markets I don’t normally have access to. I also love David’s ethos of sharing and benefit hugely from his in-depth marketing knowledge and his training tips and tools. Hilary Larkin Properties is delighted to be part of ESREA France and strongly recommend being a member.

WilliamMcintoshSM Member William McIntosh writes:
“Joining ESREA France has been a very rewarding experience for me. I  receive great information, training, tips and also the possibility of getting leads for my area. ESREA France is a great choice for any English speaking agent wanting to join a professional network of agents they can share leads with. I highly recommend joining ESREA France.”

When you are a member you will find out that we invest heavily our time and resources to continue to work on improving our service to you that not only includes marketing your availability to customers, it also includes us coaching you on how to grow your business.

KateSevozSM Member Kate Sevoz writes: “I just had a no charge 15 minute website and blogging review with David Hennessey of ESREA France. Thanks to this great review, I discovered how to test my website on it’s mobile friendliness, how to avoid my website and contact details being spammed, how to start writing up and develop an article that will create value and interest to readers. I also discovered permission marketing and how to title an article to incite readers to sign-up to newsletters. I just can’t wait to apply these most useful tips and see just how priceless these free 15 minutes of website and blogging coaching actually are! Thanks David”

CONTACT US to have a chat to learn more and apply for membership

**** We always speak first by phone to new members to make sure we can serve you contact us by phone, text or email.

Please note by request of the English speaking clients all members need to be able to communicate in spoken and written English with clients.

How to become a member:

In general, membership is open to professionals who speak and write English, who operate a business registered in France and who are focused on a specific area so customers know they are experts in their industry. Complete details vary depending on the service you provide. Details shared during our initial phone conversation.

We have thousands of English speaking people visited our site every month. Do you want to be available to receive an introduction to clients looking for your service?

If so, we would like to speak with you.

The first step is a conversation between you and our founder David Hennessey who will be delighted to find out how we can be of service to you and how you can be of service to our clients.

The cost to join?

At this time you can join at no cost and you only pay us on the successful completion of a business transaction with a client we have referred to you.

We simply charge a small introduction that you pay once you get paid. The introduction fee is connected to the type of business you run. So contact us for details.

This introduction fee you must agree to before you are introduced to the client. It is a simple one page agreement. We send it to you, you sign to say you are interested in the client and we introduce you to the client unless we have agreed with you on another format Contact us to find out more. David or another member of the team will respond to you as soon as possible.

NOTE Membership includes

  • Members have the opportunity to receive pre-qualifed client referrals
  • Biweekly Educational Coaching newsletter included. Example One and Example Three
  • Reduced cost to educational seminars to grow your business
  • Marketing Consultation! No charge to executive members online marketing review to enhance your online presence (see member Kate Sevoz’s comment above)
  • No long term contract to become a member. You can always tell us that you no longer want to receive client referrals and you only need to pay us for successful transactions with clients already referred.
  • Updated 23 November 2016. Amendment to membership program.


Contact us today to learn more to become a member

Now a word from our founder:

canadian english speaking real estate agent in france David Hennessey
ESREA France founder writes:

“One of the greatest challenges an English only speaking person encounters in France is all the problems associated with finding quality professional help in all areas associated with a real estate sale and purchase. Our mission is to solve this problem.

We are driven by the passion to educate people and to connect people with quality French bilingual real estate service providers to reduce the stress in buying and selling property in France. We are not a real estate agency. We help connect and educate people and we help coach agents and other service providers on how to grow their business by showing them how to increase service to customer.”

*** Our Founder David Hennessey has 16 years as a coach in personal and business development. David also has almost 12 years experience in the real estate industry with a mixture of time spent working in France and Canada. David lives with his family in the south of France.

*** We currently offer opportunities for qualified English speaking French service providers who are based in France and offer the following services:

  • French Real Estate Agents and Property Managers
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Home inspectors / property surveyors
  • Architects
  • Tax Advisers
  • French paperwork service
  • Interior Design
  • Renovation and construction
  • Home Stagers
  • If you do not see the service you provide noted above contact us and tell us about you!
  • NOTE: If you are involved in the real estate industry outside of France and you have the need to contact local French real estate service professionals you can become a member and we can be available to save you time.

CONTACT US to have a chat to learn more and apply for membership

“You have everything to gain!”

Sample of Coaching Articles for Members

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  • Updated 23 November 2016. Amendment to membership program.