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Is there a maximum age you can be to get a mortgage in France?

Eze Village French Riviera South of France

In France, like many countries there is a general maximum age you can be to get a mortgage to buy a property because the lenders naturally want to make sure you are alive to pay off the loan.

Just in case you may die before the loan is paid off most French banks (or any banks, we sense) will have you obtain mortgage insurance when you apply for a loan to buy your French property. Since at this time most insurance companies in France will not insure you for a mortgage once you pass the age of 70 you could say in general in France the maximum age to get a mortgage is 70 but of course, there are always exceptions.

Date of Posting September 2013, make sure you are current on French banking policy by getting in contact with an English speaking French banker or mortgage broker who will give you your current up to date options. Click here to contact us to put you in touch with a English speaking French banker or mortgage broker.

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