Is it the buyer or sellers French notary who drafts the compromis de vente?

Port of Nice, French Riviera

At this time in France when you wish to purchase a French property it is important for you to know that you have a choice over the notary you work with. But it will not be your notary who prepares the compromis de vente.

In fact, even though you as the buyer are paying all the fees for the notaries involved it is the notary who was chosen by the seller who prepares the first draft of the compromis de vente.

This is because the seller’s notary will typically have all the documentation on file to create the original draft of the compromis de vente.

If you want to learn more about why you would want to have your own notary assist you (and not the sellers) when you review the draft of the compromis de vente we can help put you in contact with an English speaking notary today. Click here to contact us so we can assist you in finding an English speaking French notaries.

Date of Posting September 2013


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